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Welcome to Liminal Wanderings!
There are places between the real and unreal, between reality, and illusion, fact and fiction. Most of us only glimpse these spaces in dreams. But there are some to whom these places are their entire existence, wandering in unseen places behind the world.

These documents were made to aid wanderers in their journey. If you should ever find yourself in one of these places, these documents may help you survive, for they reveal much information. Yet there are some things that they do not reveal: where are the wanderers going? Despite the endlessness of these places, there is often a feeling that we are going somewhere, yet no one can say where it is. We can only continue.

We store the reports of the wanderers. All the information they gathered, the places they’ve seen, and the things they have encountered. And now they are here for you to see. But before you continue, there is one question you must ask yourself.

Do you know where you’re going?

About us
Welcome to Liminal Wanderings, explorer! We are a collaborative writing project centered about the concept of "The Backrooms". Due to it evolving over years, we are looking forward to rewriting pre-2022 content into the modern version, while still keeping the vibe of the classic Backrooms. Although as much as we recommend inspiration, the wiki is very open to new ideas, too.

If you would like to help the wiki in other way rather than writing articles, we are seeking people knowledgeable in CSS, PHP and Wikitext to help people with formatting, add some aesthetic to the wiki and fix eventual code issues. Due to our small moderation team, we are welcome users who would like to volunteer as staff. Users are promoted via elections in the discord or the forum.

We are willing to cooperate with content creators, giving their creation a place on the wiki under the namespace named "Content Library". If you are a 3D modeler, animator, or a game developer, feel free to message one of the Wiki Moderators in order to get your creation published here. If you don't have ideas for content, perhaps you may find some in our articles.

Have a happy writing!

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