The Field of Memories

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Sometimes in our wanderings, we find ourselves unexpectedly transported to new places without any apparent reason. One moment we are sleeping in our bed, or being chased by an entity, and the next we awaken somewhere else. Should you wake up to a bright blue sky and see yourself surrounded by an endless field of roses, then you will know that you have entered the Field of Memories.

The Field of Memories is an infinite field of roses that stretches into the distance. Most of the roses are red, but there are some areas with an assortment of other colors. They cannot be damaged or pulled from the ground, and their thorns will not hurt you when you enter. The sun will shine brightly, never moving from it’s position at the center of the sky, but your skin will remain unburnt. The field has a surreal dream-like quality to it. If you enter it, you will feel like all your worries, all of the pain you have endured, and even the hell of the Yellow Halls are but a distant dream that has passed like an ephemeral shadow. But you should be warned, just as roses hide thorns, the field hides it’s own darker secret.

When you enter the field, the level will be silent save for a slight wind and the occasional rustling of roses. But as you wander through this place, you will begin to hear the roses whisper to you. Sometimes they will whisper in the voices of friends, and family. Sometimes they will whisper familiar sounds, the laughter of children, the the songs of birds, the sound of cars on a highway. Sometimes their whisperers will be of unpleasant memories, gunshots, screams, arguments, things you wished you had forgotten.

As the whispers continue, you will find yourself growing tired until you can no longer continue. You will lay in the the field of roses and feel the whisper ushering you to sleep. When you finally close your eyes, you will find yourself in a dream, given to you by the whispers. It cannot be said exactly what you will dream. The roses give something different to each person. Sometimes they grant hidden and forbidden knowledge knowledge. Sometimes they make you relive your favorite memories of childhood. Sometimes they force you to face your fears.

Eventually, you will wake up, and when you do, you will hear different roses beckoning to you from other places. Unable to resist their call, you will wander in their direction until you reach them. Then, they will grant you their own visions. When they are done, you will be beckoned again into a different direction to see new roses who will grant you knew dreams and visions. You won’t always fall asleep, sometimes you’ll just be standing their wide awake only to be quickly drowned by a vision. How long you will wander, no one can say, for time has little meaning here. And no one can say how many dreams you will have, for as you wander, the dreams will seem to mix into each other until you cannot tell the dreams from the wanderings.

But the level will change as you wander, and you’ll change too. For every Good vision, their will be one of Evil. For every visions of your Good memories, their will be one that forces you to confront your Worst. It is here that you will learn the Truth of Existence. All things have a Price. The Price of Success is Failure. The Price of Peace is War. The Price of Happiness is Pain. The Price of Love is Loss. The Price of Life is Death. This Knowledge will weigh heavily on you, and you will begin to lose Hope. As this happens, the wind will grow colder, and for the first time, you will feel the thorns pricking your legs. The blue sky will grow cloudy and the day will become twilight, and the bright and colorful roses will look sad and gray.

At last, you will look behind you, and in the distance, you will see it. Even from far off, you will know that it is not Human; a large gray beast on all fours, running towards you. It’s called the Reaper, and it is the owner of the Field.

You will run away in Fear, and as you do, night will descend. You will feel the roses digging their thorns into your flesh, but your adrenaline will push you forward. You will hear the sound of something massive leaping through the air getting closer to your, giving off a great impression of size and mass. As the field grows dark, you will barely be able to see in front of you. The field that once seemed infinite will now seem small and confined. What was once a Dream will now be a Nightmare. You will feel running is the whole of your existence and always has been. The great blue sky and the colorful roses will seem like a distant dream that has passed like an ephemeral shadow.

Without warning, the Reaper will leap above you and land directly in front of you. Different people describe it differently, most say that it is gray and massive. Some say that its skin in covered in the ticking hands of clocks. But in truth, it is indescribable, with a form that stretches beyond the confines of Reality, destroying Perception. To gaze upon it’s Face is to see the Face of Eternity. The Fear fades away, the terror fades away, all things fade away.

They say that as it stares at you it Judges you, deciding your Fate. All who are known to have stood before it have been judged worthy to continue their journey, as those who weren’t are not here to tell their tales. No one knows how the Reaper makes its judgments. But if it should judge you worthy, it will place you on it’s great back and jump into the sky, taking you Someplace Else. But even if you leave the Field, the Field never Leaves you. And you will feel that you will see it again. That one day, you will come to rest in the field with all those who have come before, one more memory in eternity.