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The Backrooms are split into certain areas, called Zones. They are like "segments" of the backrooms; each one varies in safety, size and environment. Although they may vary a lot, most of them are deeply interconnected to the extent that they can never be fully separated. The connections between zones are known as Limens.

Due to certain Zones having similar properties to each other, researchers have organized them into 4 groups: Indoor Zones, Outdoor Zones, Isolated Zones and Enigmatic Zones.

The backrooms is a chaotic place beyond the understanding of any individual. Yet despite it's chaos, it is still occasionally possible to separate it into semi-distinct areas. Smaller formations that repeat over and over again are called zones. Zones overlap with each other in a myriad of ways and can never truly be separated from each other, but sometimes, many zones with similar properties are all clustered together into a single place with distinct properties. It is possible to wander through these places for years without ever entering back into the standard backrooms. We call these places complexes.

To add a zone to this list, please insert the following into the source code: *[[Zone Name]] <small>(by [[User:Your Username|Your Username]])</small>

List of Zones