Level Rush

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Level Rush is a circular room thats 30*30*30 meters in the middle of the room there is a hatch every 1 minute the hatch will drop random entitys this is called a wave after each wave you will be given a bottle of almond water to help with any injurys or diseases every wave gets progressively harder

wave 1 survival difficulty class 0

wave 100 survival difficulty class 1

wave 250 survival difficulty class 2

wave 500 survival difficulty class 3

wave 1000 survival difficulty class 4

wave 1500 survival difficulty class 5

wave 10000 survival difficulty class 6

Wave 10000 is a single entity called who is above you, this entity is one of the strongest in the backrooms. To kill it you need to get in billons of hits in ablitys are perfect camouflage teleportation telekinesis realty warping and extreme hallucinations

only one person ever has beaten who is above you he said:it wasn't like any creature i've ever seen it was cold and i remember for a few seconds it turned off its camouflage it was blacker than any black ive ever seen it had thousands of arms all with jaws at the end and it was really tall 10-15 meters

It is not recommended to go to level rush and it is advised to bring ultra almond water and military gear weapons' and equipment opon beating all 10000 wave you will go to a random level or if unlucky level 0

additional things: level rushes walls are made out of an unidentified indestructible material

entity's past wave 500 can teleport just they dont know where yet

entity's past wave 1000 can control where they teleport

entity's past wave 1500 can start to bend realty itself

entity's past wave 5000 are almost invincible

every 100 waves you get ultra almond water

Entrances and exits

If you die in level ! there is a 0.0001 chance that you go here and whenever you kill an entity yo have a 0.0000.001 chance that you go here i forgor the other entrances and the only exit is if you complete all 10000 waves